DNS Support

We’re experts in web hosting and domain name system support. When you choose 24/7 Server Tech for DNS support, we become your IT partner and part of your team, continuously tracking your devices and network. We we’ll treat your network as if it is our own and work to get you the best DNS server for Canada.

Enjoy Complete Control Over Your Domains

Every web request, whether from a connected device, an individual user, or a business, starts with a DNS query, making DNS a fundamentally important part of the Internet. The significance of DNS not only makes it prone to attacks, but also has a major impact web reliability, web performance, internet security, and service infrastructure. DNS support offered by 24/7 Server Tech weighs these important factors in all decisions related to its use, implementation, and design.

We Make Technology Work for You

Outsource your DNS support and management to a reliable and trusted provider: 24/7 Server Tech. Our network was built only for the best DNS performance.

  • A Leading Network

Take advantage of our built-in DDoS protection at each point of presence in our network.

  • Dependable Pricing

We pair our clients with a professional and dedicated account representative who understands the account inside and out. This rep will provide insights and tips on how to streamline usage, so you are never overcharged.

  • Excellent Support

Reduce the chances of error during a migration with the help of our dedicated support team. You can easily resolve problems faster and effortlessly with a representative who knows your domains both inside and out.

  • Purely DNS

24/7 Server Tech’s network was 100% designed purely for DNS management. That’s why we continue to be a web hosting Canada leader when it comes to uptime and speed.

The Perks of Our DNS Support Services

DNS is critical for any online business. However, it is often ignored and forgotten until something goes wrong. 24/7 Server Tech is an enterprise-grade authoritative DNS support service provider that ensures the fastest response time, unrivaled redundancy, and advanced security.

Uncontrolled Internet access is a risk in any business, big or small. With DNS support services provided by 24/7 Server Tech, you’ll benefit from:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Multi-level policy control
  • Lowered unproductive web use
  • Domain level protection
  • Detailed reporting
  • Cloud-based platform

24/7 Server Tech provides the fastest speeds on the Internet. Regional restrictions and government censorship are a thing of the past as we offer a truly open web based on our belief that everyone should have access to what they like, when they like, and where they like.

Beyond that, we provide the fastest DNS connection and do not allow your Internet provider to throttle your connection speed.

Learn More About Our DNS Support Services

Schedule a free consultation or give us a call at (604) 210-2250 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.